Goat Points: Season 1

Cashmere Labs
2 min readApr 8, 2024

Cashmere is the leading cross-chain exchange market, pioneering in loss-versus-rebalancing protection for omnichain liquidity provision and swaps. We boast over 200,000 unique users. Overall, our testnet has facilitated more than 1 million cross-chain swaps.

As of April 9th, Cashmere’s Goat Points campaign will be live.
GOAT Points will represent and track how much a user has contributed to Cashmere ecosystem over the course of the campaign.

At CashmereLabs, our testnet has been operational for 6 months. Throughout the testnet phase, we rewarded users who used the app, completed tasks, and held NFTs.

Claim on points.cashmere.exchange

Point Eligibility Criteria

We distributed the points using a fair and transparent calculation method.

1- Total Transactions in Testnet App
Total TXs ≥ 1, get 100 points.
Total TXs > 5, get 500 points.
Total TXs > 45, get 1000 points.
Total TXs > 85, get 2000 points.

2- NFT Holders
Testnet NFT Holders get 100 points.
Mainnet NFT Holders get 150 points.

NFT holders directly get multiplier.

3- Blockchain Activity
We assessed wallets based on factors such as total transaction count, wallet age, and ETH balance, applying additional multipliers and blocking Sybils.

How to Check Your Eligibility

The eligibility tool enables users to verify their qualification for Season 1 Goat Points. Its user-friendly interface permits the connection of wallets and the examination of rewards. Stake your claim to on-chain points.

Claim phase will be finished in 1 month.


All users supporting Cashmere in the testnet adventure have rightfully earned points in a fair manner. These are only Season 1 points. There will be new Point seasons in the future.

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