Embark on the Cashmere Mainnet Journey: The Exciting Launch of our Early Goat Role

Cashmere Labs
4 min readJul 12, 2023

Mainnet Early Goat NFT:

Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the development of Cashmere — the release of our Cashmere Mainnet Early Goat role. A unique opportunity for you to be a part of our mainnet journey.

What is the Cashmere Mainnet Early Goat role?

It’s a special Non-Fungible Token (NFT), released on @ourzora @OptimismFDN chain. Owning this NFT gives you the Early Goat role within the Cashmere Mainnet, cementing your place as an early adopter in our rapidly growing community. You can become part of this unique journey by getting your Mainnet Early Goat NFT here.

The Specifics

This exciting opportunity comes at a modest cost of 0.009 ETH,
and the offering is limited to 100,000 wallets.
To honor our early adopters, wallets that already possess the
Cashmere Testnet Early Adopter NFT holders will be whitelisted for the first 3 days.

Whitelist round will start from 12/07/2023 15:00 UTC and ends on 15/07/2023 15:00 UTC.

The public round will then commence from 15/07/2023 15:00 UTC and conclude on 31/07/2023 15:00 UTC.

The Loyalty Factor

Your commitment to Cashmere has its perks.

Each Testnet Early Adopter NFT will get +1 loyalty point,

Each Mainnet Early Goat NFT will get +3 loyalty points.

Not just that, Mainnet Early Goat NFT holders will also get early private access and early liquidity mining for the CSM token.

These loyalty points will play an integral role in the future calculations of CashmereLabs.
The Mainnet Early Goat NFT stands as on-chain proof of your loyalty, serving as your passport to our burgeoning community.

Mainnet Quests and Roles

To enhance the experience for our members, we’ve teamed up with several esteemed partners for Mainnet Quests and roles:

Cashmere x Galxe Mainnet Quests


Cashmere x Layer3 Mainnet Quests

Cashmere x Zealy Mainnet Quests

Cashmere x Guildxyz Mainnet Roles

A Sneak Peek Into Our Journey

Throughout the testnet process, Cashmere has significantly expanded its user base to 215,000 unique wallets, handling a volume of $840M. Our application is set to further scale with the deployment on 8 different chains on the mainnet.

We are immensely grateful for our partners, who will continue to support us in the Cashmere development process.

Partnerships that Empower

Our journey to the mainnet has been significantly enriched by our partnerships.

Cashmere x Linea

We’re excited about our association with @LineaBuild, whose outer-proof system, dynamic fees, and efficient batch conflation design will strengthen CashmereLabs.

Cashmere x Layerzero

Equally significant is our collaboration with @LayerZero_Labs, which will enable Cashmere to evolve into an omnichain super-app, thanks to their robust and scalable cross-chain messaging infrastructure.

Cashmere x Hexens

Further enhancing our commitment to security, we are working closely with @hexensio, optimizing our smart contract architecture and elevating our security measures.

Cashmere x Trust

Our collaboration with @trust_90 promises to optimize development through a shared exploration of mathematical algorithms and economic audits.

Cashmere x Paladin Security

And last but not least, our continued partnership with @0xPaladinSec guarantees a relentless focus on enhancing security and architecture.

Join us on this exciting journey

Embarking on the mainnet journey, Cashmere is more committed than ever to providing a safe, innovative, and rewarding experience for our community.

Grab your Cashmere Mainnet Early Goat NFT today, and join us on this exciting journey to revolutionize blockchain technology.

If you wish to stay updated with our latest developments, follow us on our official Website, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Let’s continue to build a stronger and more connected world together.

Here’s to making strides in the world of decentralized technology with CashmereLabs!