CashmereLabs Testnet Development Update 1.1

Cashmere Labs
2 min readMay 8, 2023

Testnet is live again on


We have implemented enhancements in response to valuable feedbacks provided by our esteemed community members.

1- Transaction history implemented.
2- Estimation time reduced from 2 minutes to 2 seconds.
3- Signature generation time reduced from 1 minute to 1 second.
4- The site suggested gas modified and increased for better UX.
5- Backend optimizations applied.
6- Retry mechanism is developed if revert.

Note: ETH Goerli is deactivated due to very high gas fees.

Reason for Maintenance

On May 1st, our backend server encountered an extraordinary increase in user demand and traffic, resulting in a minor proportion of transactions not being recorded within the destination chain. Although 90% of these transactions were effectively processed, the residual 10% were not registered by our backend system. In response to this challenge, our dedicated team swiftly conducted maintenance on the application and executed essential enhancements from a development standpoint. This strategic approach guarantees that our platform maintains its reliability and efficiency, thereby consistently fulfilling the expectations of our valued users.


Our team has effectively incorporated a sophisticated feedback and control mechanism into the backend infrastructure to augment transaction processing efficacy. Should transactions be absent within the destination chain, the system now intelligently retries and guarantees completion. Moreover, we have migrated to a streamlined and highly scalable codebase, designed to facilitate future expansion. This accomplishment is a testament to our purposeful and systematic approach to the development process, culminating in the attainment of our intended objectives.

Recovering stucked assets

We have diligently documented the wallet and asset information for all affected testnet participants whose transactions were stalled. Unfortunately, we were unable to initiate refunds due to the elevated Goerli network fees. Rest assured, testnet participants will receive their refunds once the Goerli network fees return to customary levels.


Couldn’t send it yet due to ETH Goerli density.

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